Nomad Foods reformulates high protein vegetable soups

Published: 02/05/2024

Aims and objectives

Findus Italy, a brand of Europe’s largest frozen food maker Nomad Foods, have reformulated a range of vegetable soups to help consumers access more plant-based offerings whilst also contributing to their protein intake.

Ingredients and processing

Findus looked at the possible range and combination of vegetables and pulses to use in new soups to achieve a great taste with a significant protein content. The company turned to pulses to provide some of the highest levels of protein.

To ensure a significant amount of protein in each portion of soup, the company also explored the addition of a small amount of plant-based protein powders. This not only ensured a higher protein content but also helped to maintain a creamy and velvety soup texture.

Development and testing

The soup recipe was developed using a mixture of cannellini beans and chickpeas with the addition of onions and seasoning, a classic flavour combination in soups in Italy. The recipe also included pea protein powder, as this was the most appropriate type of plant protein for a legume-based soup recipe. Pea protein, along with the pulses, enhanced the sensory profile in terms of the creamy, velvety texture needed for this type of soup.

The combination of the legumes and pea protein also provided the necessary amount of protein to make a higher protein nutrient claim when compared to our Creamy Soup range and other similar products in the market.

Results and outcomes

Findus’ Cremosa +Proteine soup, with cannellini beans and chickpeas, provides 10g of protein per portion (300g), which is more than double the protein content of the average Findus Cremosa range.

This soup provides consumers with a tasty soup and supports the intake of plants in a delicious format. The creamy soup is also very versatile as consumers can easily adjust the final consistency of the soup by adding more or less water.

The product was launched in week 34 of 2023 and has subsequently been listed in a number of retailers in Italy, achieving greater distribution than forecasted in the business case.

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