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As the largest manufacturing industry in Europe, the food and drink industry is also the biggest employer – with a workforce of more than 4.6 million. The industry has developed strong relations with workers and trade unions and we pride ourselves on continuing constructive dialogue.

FoodDrinkEurope participates in a formal social dialogue with the trade union for food, agriculture and tourism workers – EFFAT. Ensuring human rights and health and safety at work is vital for all employers.

As part of our commitment to the people who work in our industry, FoodDrinkEurope is also a leading member of the EU Pact For Skills for the Agri-Food Ecosystem. The Pact For Skills is an EU programme to support the skills development of workers in the agri-food chain.

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EFFAT-FoodDrinkEurope toolbox

As part of a European Social Dialogue, FoodDrinkEurope has joined with trade union EFFAT, to identify bottlenecks in recruiting new and skilled employees and to tackle challenges arising when companies have an ageing workforce.

EFFAT-FoodDrinkEurope toolbox

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