Competitiveness & growth

As Europe’s largest manufacturing industry, the EU food and drink industry is a vital part of the European economy.

The food and drink industry generates €1.2 trillion in turnover with a value added of €246 billion – making it the largest manufacturing sector in Europe and a major contributor to our economy.

In order to sustain the industry’s competitiveness, we need a fully-functioning Single Market that opens trade opportunities, secures the supply of raw material, and facilitates the free movement of goods, services, workers, and citizens.

A functioning Single Market is also important for consumers. It provides access to a wealth of high-quality food and drink products at affordable prices, from across the continent and from abroad.

EU policymakers need to push back against national barriers and diverging measures by member states, which jeopardise the integrity of the Single Market. Free movement of goods and people is a doorway to endless opportunities for business and its integrity is essential.

The EU food and drink industry is not only Europe’s largest manufacturer, but it is also the largest food and drink exporter in the world and a major importer. For us, continued free and fair trade is paramount.

International trade is a key component to the competitiveness of the European food and drink industry, securing jobs and growth at home and abroad.

EU trade policy should improve market access conditions in both traditional and emerging markets, maintain fair terms of competition, strengthen the implementation and enforcement of trade agreements, and contribute to sustainable development.

A food supply chain must be fair for all operators – from farmers to retailers and everyone in between. We supported EU legislation to ban unfair trading practices to improve the trading conditions for the 11 million farmers and 293,000 food and drink businesses in Europe, as well as for many more suppliers outside the EU, when selling their products on the European market.

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