Towards healthier living

It may be a cliché, but you are what you eat. Over the years, Europeans have benefited from increased access and choice among a wide range of quality food and drink products, from ‘staple’ foods to indulgent options, which form part of people’s daily dietary choices. Altogether, today, the European food and drink industry provides for some 1.5 billion meals on a daily basis in Europe.

Yet, unfortunately, there are still around 43 million people in Europe who cannot afford a quality meal every second day, while more than half of the European adult population is overweight or obese. Malnutrition, in all of its forms, therefore remains a societal challenge, which the European food and drink industry recognises as important to tackle together.    

Food should be something to be enjoyed, something to keep us healthy, and something which is available to all. That’s why we are working with stakeholders to the benefit of individual and collective health across the EU. That’s also why the food and drink industry is constantly innovating to find new solutions to healthier eating, for instance by enhancing the nutritional quality of products, portion control, and by bringing new nutritious food options to market.

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Bo Dohmen

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