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Providing clear and accurate information about food products to consumers is one of the tools to empower them to make informed choices that fit their individual diets and lifestyles.  

Europe’s food and drink manufacturers provide a wealth of information about their products – from ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, durability, to cooking and storing instructions, amongst others – directly on the label. Increasingly, this information is also being provided via alternative communication channels, e.g. dedicated websites, social media, smartphone applications and many companies are now experimenting with easy-to-use digital labelling (such as QR codes on the packet).

People nowadays are paying more attention to health and sustainability, a trend which is increasingly reflected in consumer food choices, the European food and drink industry is working to improve transparency and provide of clear, evidence-based and relevant information on the path towards more sustainable food systems.   

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Sara Lamonaca

Director, Consumer Information, Nutrition & Health

Sara Lamonaca

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